What Are The Possible Health Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender is a multipurpose plant and there are various ways lavender can benefit your hair, skin and health. There are many benefits of lavender oil you might not know of, making it a wonderful kitchen recipe. One of the most effective ways to have lavender is in the form of tea. The most common health benefit of having lavender tea is that it induces calmness and promotes better sleep. It can also be added to various dishes for taste and helps both the mind and soul through its soothing effect. Buy lavender essential oil to incorporate its immense benefits into your daily life.

Here are some of the possible health benefits of lavender:

  1. Better Sleep

People suffering from insomnia can use lavender as a tradition medication to get good sleep. It not only soothes the nervous system but also induces sleep and relaxation. Research has shown that lavender oil can improve sleep quality significantly; all you need to do is add a few drops of lavender oil to your pillow.

  • Relieves Headaches

Lavender is beneficial in reducing migraine pain due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. If you massage your head, neck and forehead with lavender oil, it relieves tension and promotes relaxation. Breathing in the scent from lavender essential oil can also help decrease the pain from headaches. Use the oil to work on the pressure points that will have a cooling effect that will help relieve the pressure.

  • Helps Cope With Depression And Anxiety

According to some studies, inhalation of lavender oil helps reduce anxiety levels. Keep a small bottle in your bag and take a sniff when feeling anxious throughout the day. Due to its calming and soothing effects, lavender is also used for herbal remedies that help reduce restlessness. Place a few small stems in your room; it will create a soothing aroma in your surrounding which will have a positive effect on the people suffering from depression.

  • Cures Wounds

Lavender oil has several powerful qualities, which assist in curing wounds. It not only helps recover from wounds quickly but also helps reduce the pain after the injury. Topical application of this oil increases cell growth and facilitates effective ways of relieving pain. Lavender acts an anti-inflammatory that makes it a popular remedy to cure wounds. It speeds up the process of tissue repair by helping the wound to contract. Never apply essential oils directly to your wound, always use it as base oil.

  • Digestion

According to some studies, lavender as a tea can help cope with digestive issues such as vomiting and nausea. Lavender does not only resolve digestive issues but also helps relieve gas and constipation. Early research shows that massaging a combination of lavender, lemon and rosemary oils onto the stomach might improve symptoms of constipation.