The Best Products for Dry Mouth Relief: Reviews and Recommendations

Let’s all admit it: having a dry mouth, or xerostomia, is pretty much a pain. Can you imagine struggling with just talking or even swallowing? If you’ve exhausted every home remedy to fix your condition, then maybe it’s time you tried these dry mouth relief products.

Oracoat Xylimelts Dry Mouth Relief Oral Adhering Discs

One of the best and most trusted products on the market that you can easily purchase over the counter is Xylimelts for Dry Mouth. These oral discs stick to your gums and teeth to relieve you of dry mouth symptoms with long-lasting effects. Like all of the brands we’ll recommend today, Xylimelts for Dry Mouth contains xylitol, which is a natural sugar found in plants. It doesn’t cause tooth decay, thanks to its sugar-free properties, and don’t forget that your teeth are part of your overall oral health too. Discover the benefits of Xylimelts for dry mouth and watch it alleviate not only your dry mouth symptoms but bad breath too.

ACT Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gum

Another product worth checking out that’s highly recommended by dentists is the ACT dry mouth moisturizing gum. Instead of smoking, why not adopt a new dental health care routine and opt for chewing sugar-free gum like this that helps with saliva flow, preventing dryness in the mouth? Apart from soothing the symptoms, it also freshens your breath and moisturizes your mouth.

Therabreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

For those of you who prefer sucking on candy, then you might want to check out Therabreath dry mouth lozenges. Another recommendation from dentists is that these lozenges are gluten-free and certified vegan by the AVA, helping you keep your dry mouth at bay by providing moisture and keeping your breath fresh.

Allday Dry Mouth Spray

Another fast-acting product that soothes the symptoms of dry mouth is the Allday Dry Mouth Spray, which you can use as many times as needed. It has a non-acidic formula that neutralizes your mouth’s pH levels to maintain its overall oral health. Like the ones aforementioned in the list, this product also comes in pretty handy as it’s packed in a small bottle that’s good to go wherever. The fact that it’s used as a spray makes it ideal for some, especially for those who need a quick fix before their next meeting.

Biotene Oral Balance Moisturizing Gel

If you prefer a flavor-free formula in gel form, then this is the product you should definitely check out, especially if you’re uncomfortable sleeping with sucking on something at night. It offers all the benefits of the other products we mentioned earlier but in gel form. At least with Biotene Oral Balance, you could just keep the tube under your pillow at night and reapply it whenever you need to.

So What’s the Best Dry Mouth Relief Product?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference for use—whether you like to use spray, chew gum, or suck on a lozenge—just as long as the product you choose does its magic for you. But before anything else, it’s still highly recommended to consult your doctor or dentist first before choosing what dry mouth solutions you will apply.