What Type Of Work Can A Commercial Electrician Complete

If you explore the electrical field a little, you will know that there are two kinds of electricians: domestic and commercial. Domestic electricians usually deal with household items, whereas commercial electricians perform electrical tasks in an industrial environment.

Both electricians know the work, but commercial ones have a slight advantage here as they can do both household and industrial electrical tasks. On the other hand, if you give a task in the industrial environment to a household electrician, he wouldn’t know the drill.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the work and duties of a commercial electrician

Installing And Repairing Of Wiring, Machines In The Factory

Industrial work includes factories and offices. Factories have a lot of technical items and machinery that can only be fixed or installed by an experienced commercial electrician. A commercial electrician has the right kind of knowledge of technical items which is needed to do electrical tasks in the factory. Anything which revolves around installing, repairing and wiring the machinery in the factory is done by a commercial electrician.

Inspecting System For Defects And Testing It For Proper Function And Safety

Installing and repairing is not the only thing. An industrial environment has several systems installed to manage the machinery and other operations. To check whether the systems are working properly or not, the companies hire a commercial electrician.

Inspecting the system for defects and testing it to keep it viable throughout the usage period is crucial. Moreover, in dangerous areas, it’s important to constantly inspect everything for the workers’ safety. 

Troubleshooting The System To Look For Defects And Cause

It’s not easy to find the problems that caused the glitch in the systems or the machinery. Commercial electricians have their own set of skills to troubleshoot the system if they want to locate the defects and fix them. Some commercial electricians also have gadgets and tools to do so. It is also important to know how to use such gadgets and tools.

All this information is with the commercial electrician; thus, not everyone can perform their tasks, even if they have the gadgets and tools to do so. Even if you try your hands, you wouldn’t know how to choose the right gadget. 

Keeping Wiring And Installation Up-to-date To Meet Safety Regulation And Fire Code

There are specific safety regulations and fire codes that every workplace, like factories, have to follow. They have to meet the safety standards of their industry. Some policies include keeping the wiring and installation up-to-date. Old wiring can cause sparks which can cause a fire. Imagine if the factory has anything to do with fuel, then if there is a simple spark, the whole factory can be set on fire.

Thus, it’s the job of the commercial electrician to keep all such things in check. This is why many companies do not believe in changing their commercial electricians, as they know their factories’ technical and mechanical history. The new one wouldn’t know anything, and that lack of knowledge can cause serious trouble in the future. 

Maintaining Systems By Replacing Old Wiring And System Parts For Maximum Efficiency

Sometimes updating is not an option. In such situations, it’s crucial to maintain the systems. All the technical knowledge which is needed to keep the systems maintained is with the commercial electrician. This is the reason why commercial electricians are needed permanently in industrial environments. There are endless things and systems that work on electricity. 

Installing, Repairing And Maintaining Electrical Equipment

In an operative factory, installing electrical equipment is a common thing. However, all the machinery is so complex that a normal electrician can’t install it. You need a commercial electrician who has the right kind of training to deal with big electrical equipment.

Moreover, electrical equipment is expensive. Thus, the owners prefer to hand over its maintenance and other such things to a commercial electrician.

Routine Check To Ensure Everything Is Working Fine

Many companies have a team of commercial electricians. All of them are designated to a particular area. The electrician team regularly checks and inspects everything to ensure everything is fine.

Moreover, if the machine is running out of anything, then it’s the duty of commercial electricians they inform the management about it so that they can fulfil the requirement on time.

Following Best Practices While Working With Electrical Equipment And Tools

Commercial electricians have to follow some of the best practices to keep everything in check and up to the mark. It is a tough job as all the operations in the industrial environment are technical.


These are some of the duties and tasks that commercial electricians oversee. These duties keep on increasing depending on the size of the industry. The bigger the industry, the more complicated and technical the electrical work gets.