How To Choose The Best Fish Scaler

While cooking seafood, you need different types of tools to prepare it. For oysters, you need a stabber, and for fish, you need a fine fish scaler. It is a tool that is used to extract the scales of the fish so that you can prepare them for cooking. This whole process is also known as descaling. It is essential for health concerns as scales of the fish might cause poisoning.

Experienced chefs can easily descale a fish simply with a knife. However, common people might find it hard to do it with a kind. Therefore, a fish scaler is used. Just like for oysters, you choose the right knife. For fish, you need to choose the best fish scaler. To help you with that ahead, this blog is a guide for the same.

1. Be Thoughtful Of The Size

The size of the scaler might seem irrelevant for small fishes, but it’s not true. If the scaler is too big for the fish, it’s ineffective to descale them.

On the other hand, a small scaler might take forever to descale the fish. Therefore, you need to choose the viable size compatible with the usual fishes you catch or that are available in the nearby market.

2. Check The Grip

While descaling, you need to wear waterproof gloves that are also cut-resistant. It is because a fish scaler is quite sharp and can cut your entire finger off.

So, while choosing the scaler, make sure to check it has a reliable grip that is effective even when you use it while wearing gloves.

3. Choose The One With Plastic Catcher

A fish scaler that has a plastic catcher attached to it is perfect. It is because while descaling; the scales scatter all over the place. If you are someone who doesn’t mind making a mess of the kitchen while cooking food, then you can go for the other fish scalers that do not have catchers as they are inexpensive.

4. Explore Your Options

If you want to do the work manually, then you can select the traditional fish scalers. However, various automated fish scalers are now available that function with a wire or battery. So, if you do not want to do all the work, then you can purchase a scalar that automatically removes the scales.

5. Semi-sharp Fish Scalers Are a Better Option

When it comes to knives, stabbers or fish scalers, people often think that the sharpest ones will do the best job. However, in the case of a fish scaler, you should refrain from purchasing the one that is too sharp.

Instead, go for the semi-sharp one, as descaling is a tough task, and you might end up cutting your finger with the sharp scaler.

Bottom Line

So these are some of the things that you should keep in mind while choosing an ideal fish scaler. Buying a fish scaler has no limit. Therefore, before choosing it, keep your budget also in mind as spending a hefty sum of money on it would be a waste. You can find some reasonable and amazing fish scalers for sale at Fish Me.