8 Foods That Can Help Maintain A Healthy Smile

All of us crave a healthy smile, and we take good care by following the basics. You brush your teeth regularly, floss them, and even use the right mouthwash. Yet, you might find yourself in a pickle, a box full of problems. That’s because your teeth are also what you eat.

We are bringing you the best eight foods to add to your list with that in mind. If you’re against any of these, you will find plenty of alternatives, as well.

1.   Almost Any Dairy Product

Calcium is the ‘go-to’ element when it comes down to teeth health. Where will you find it, if not in dairy products? Now, drinking milk is the best food item. It is a versatile choice that you can add to any time of the day. However, if you want other food items, then yogurt works best.

Yogurt isn’t just great for teeth, but also has healthy bacteria that maintain gut health. Good gut health also means good oral health. You can even consume cheese without feeling guilty.

2.   Crunchy Veggies – Celery & Carrots

Many green vegetables will make it to the list. If you’re vegan and don’t want to consume dairy, you can add kale, spinach, and celery as your source of calcium. Going green will always be a beneficial choice. The same applies to food choices.

However, Carrot also plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy smile. Celery and carrots are natural flosses for teeth. Their fibrous qualities make them worth the addition to the list of food.

3.   High Fibre Fruits – Apples & Pears

Just like celery and carrot, Apples and pears make up for a fantastic source of fibers. If you like sugar, you should get them from natural sources, and these fruits are the best choices. They also regulate your bowel movements and reduce acidity in the stomach by giving a gel-like feeling. As a result, the acid breath won’t leak to your mouth to damage your teeth.

They help with saliva generation and reduce the acidic content. So, they are worth the addition.

4.   Lean Meat & High-Proteins

If you’re a seafood lover, add salmon to your list of foods to eat. Lean meats are some of the best choices for a great smile. Protein is the building block of your body. This applies to impeccable gum health, as well.

Meats are also a great source of phosphorus. These are integral for protecting the enamel in your teeth.

5.   Nuts

Have you heard about good fats? The omega 3, 6, and 9 come from consuming fish (like Salmon) and nuts. If you can add nuts to your diet, you will also maintain excellent gum health. These can help you give the necessary exercise to your teeth and maintain fantastic teeth health for a charming smile.

Nuts have a lot of necessary minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, and even magnesium. These are all great for teeth health.

6.   Dry Fruits

Dried fruits fall under the similar category as nuts. These are just sweeter and let you have less harmful sugar. More importantly, cranberries and raisins can help you with polyphenols and antioxidants. They combat plaque formation in the teeth.

Cranberries are especially great for the job. So, if you’re looking to fight such problems and bad breath, consider adding these. Reisin is often proven to be a blood purifier, as well.

7.   Whole Grains

Complex carbohydrates and magnesium are the other essential requirements for a healthy smile. Simple carbs often come in sticky forms like starch, potatoes, and sugar. Thus, they feed the bacterial growth and even cause tooth decay.

Meanwhile, whole grains are denser, come with a natural source of magnesium, and prove to be highly beneficial.

8.   Vitamin D

Vitamin D is integral for absorbing various vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. You can’t find it naturally as much in modern times. So, adding a food supplement with Vitamin D won’t be the wrong choice. It can prove to be highly beneficial.

Vitamin D helps with many things, from elevating mood to regulating immunity. So, consider adding it at any cost.


Of course, water is essential for teeth, as well. But that’s not a food item. Hence, it is not on the list. However, as an extra tip, try to find water with fluoride contents. These prove to be highly beneficial for your teeth. On the other hand, if you’re looking for professionals that offer restorative dental treatments, Toorak Dental Studio might be the best hub. You can find world-class professional and experienced dentists to help you with any dental issue.