5 Ways to Go Green

In today’s world, scientists and researchers have declared a crisis and an emergency when it comes to the environment. They believe that due to the pollution all around the world, overpopulation, over use of fossil fuel, and production of greenhouse gases, there are now extreme changes in the weather. All the ice caps are melting, which are raising tides in the oceans leading to flooding, tsunamis, rain, droughts, and more.

To prevent all this, we all need to come together and fight climate change. We need to start going green so we can protect Earth for ourselves and our future generations. Doing this however is not easy. Considering the advancement in technology these days and how everything is at the touch of a button, we are too used to the luxuries to give them up.

However, if we do not, we all are in grave danger. This is why we have compiled a list of a few easy ways that you can start to go green. If we all begin to take these baby steps, then we can work together towards the conservation of the environment

1.     Reduction in food waste

When we buy food, we usually buy it packaged in plastic. Regardless of whether its meat, grains, or fruit, the element of plastic is always used. Plastic is one of those materials that can take 1000s of years to disintegrate and decompose. Secondly, we tend to throw away food we do not eat. The amount of time, money, and energy spent on that food is all wasted, while new food is made. Food wastage creates one of the largest amounts of greenhouse gases. So reducing food wastage will definitely help you take a step in the right direction.

2.     Fix your diet

Tweaking and fixing your own diet can lead to a big impact on going green. Start to order meat online at Our Cow or such companies that are aware of the damage being done to the environment and play their part in minimizing its role. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits and use the waste for compost. Try to avoid packaged foods or processed foods as that means energy being wasted to make that for you. All these little things will help you go green and make an impact.

3.     Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

When you buy products, buy them from the perspective of whether you can reuse them or recycle them. Try to get your children involved in the process of reusing, reducing and recycling everything they buy. This will help them learn early and start young. Try to reduce your consumption of plastic whenever you buy something new and buy it package free. By reducing the trash, you use can help reduce greenhouse gases which in turn can be excellent for the environment. People who do use this motto, tend to even fit their trash for years in just a mason jar, so that should be the goal at the end of it.