How To Buy The Best Air Fryer For Your Kitchen

How to buy the best air fryer? It seems like a simple question, but it’s not relatively as easy as it looks.

People are becoming health-conscious, and Air fryers are becoming a significant part of their healthy lifestyle. If you want to satiate your cravings while maintaining a nutritious diet, it might be one of the best innovations available.

This guide will help you understand air fryers, learn a couple of tips on how to use them, and, most importantly, how you can buy the best air fryer. Without further ado, let’s begin:

Understanding Air Fryer:

The air fryer has gained a lot of popularity as a must-have kitchen appliance. It can cook your food, allow you to bake, grill, and fry them without using oil. If you want to use oil, you just need to use a minimum amount. Most of the work is done by the air. That’s right! It circulates scorching air to cook the food without using oil.

Thus, it creates a crisp layer and fries the food similar to oil. This is what makes it a healthy alternative to fried foods. You can enjoy tasty foods without adding a bunch of calories or harmful oil. Of course, it will lack the flavor of the oil, but that is negligible for the taste you get.

In simple words, air fryers have made it easier for people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the food they love.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Air Fryer

Interestingly, the rise of air fryer’s popularity has led to many companies manufacturing them. Hence, it has become equally perplexing to find the best one available in the market. You need to remember that the budget will play a significant role. After all, there are countless features available in an air fryer.

There are entry-level, mid-range, and high-end air fryers. This is a guide that will cut down all those factors and bring you what matters the most before you buy an air fryer:

  • Type Of An Air Fryer

There are different kinds of air fryers available in the market. You can check out payday deals, and you will find countless options. Remember, the type of air fryer will directly affect its versatility. By default, an air fryer can cook almost anything from veggies to chicken. But, some additional features make it even better.

Remember that these features will cost more, but might be worth the consideration. One popular option is an air fryer with a toaster oven. It is excellent for daily breakfast requirements.

There are dehydrator air fryers that will allow you to dehydrate fruits and other things too much on them. You can even make some homemade cereal and fun snacks with these. Rotisserie chicken requires a particular kind of air fryer that you can find separately.

There are also some instant pots available in the market that you can turn into air fryers. They have an option to turn it into an air fryer and provide you a method to roast or fry your food as you like it.

  • Cooking Capacity

Air fryers are available from 1 liter to up to 5 liters. If you live alone and need it for personal use, a 1-liter fryer will be sufficient. However, if you have a big family or frequent guests (8-10 people), a 5 liters fryer would suffice.

Basically, add 1 liter of capacity for two people. That’s why most family air fryers are 2-3 liters. Remember that it will also impact the cost of your fryer. There are even dual basket options available in the market.

  • Power And Heat

The wattage of your air fryer is related to its heating capacity. A typical air fryer will need at least 500 to 800 watts of a power outlet to work optimally. So, you have to make sure that your kitchen has a power outlet to support the air fryer. Otherwise, you run the risk of shock circuits and other problems.

Correlatively, air fryers go higher than 1,800 watts in power, and you will need a corresponding power supply. The higher watt also means your air fryer can provide more heat. Higher heat settings are great for heating frozen food and such. However, if you just need a typical fryer, you can stick to 800 watts.

  • Cooking Time And Cost

You will have to make some sacrifices in the cost segment. Remember that most air fryers with optimum power can cook anything within 10-20 minutes. This goes for anything that can match their capacity. However, the wattage will impact power consumption.

You will have to check to see if you have efficient air fryers. There are modern options available that are more efficient and might cut down your electric bill. You will also have to consider how frequently you will use it. This will impact the overall cost of your cooking.

  • Controls For Temperature

Much like ovens and inductions, air fryers have controls to set the temperature. There might be options for you to set them according to what you’re cooking. If you can cook something faster with a higher temperature, that will be even better. Because then it will absorb less oil if you’re using any.

Yes, air fryers use air, but some still require you to coat the food with oil for frying options. Either way, temperature control will allow you to have multiple cooking options without worrying about burning something.

  • Safety Features

This part is entirely up to you, as there are various protection options available for air fryers. An anti-flip grip is a must-have, while an insulated body will prevent you from burning yourself with accidental touches. The non-slip base would ensure you can place it anywhere.

Remember, even if it is air, it can be burning hot for your skin and can cause problems. Locking the lid for the heat is admirable. If there are options like timers to prevent the food from overcooking and other accidents, that would be even better.

  • Warranty Matters

Don’t ever forget about warranties if you want the high value for your investment. For instance, Payday deals mostly have 12 months warranty on their products. However, you can also find some other extensive options. A warranty is a certification of quality and reliability.

If there isn’t any kind of warranty, you need to reconsider buying an air fryer. Try to browse for other options.

Tips To Cook In The Air fryer

  • Air fryer cooking required a change in the recipes of the dishes. So, you will have to learn them. You can browse on Youtube and other places for them.
  • An air fryer isn’t non-stick. You will have to move, shake, or stir your food inside the fryer from time to time. This includes french fries.
  • Try not to stuff your air fryer because it depends on air circulation. It needs optimum space to cook correctly.


So, whether you’re looking to lose some weight through meal preps, or eat healthily, use these points. As long as you keep these points in mind and find a genuine dealer or platform to buy, you will be good to go. Go ahead and grab yourself a healthy bite of your favourite snacks!

Air fryers are the next big thing, and you should undoubtedly buy one while there are lucrative deals available on them!