Elective Surgery Waiting Lists Continue To Grow As Hospitals Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Health, indeed, is the best form of wealth that everyone needs no matter what age group or financial status they belong to and the case of people living everywhere within Australia is not different than this. People in Australia have been continuously prioritizing elective surgery for even the most minor forms of surgeries and pre-book the time they want to get their operations done but the waiting list for such surgeries is now becoming way too long and the people have to wait for a really long time to get their time in under the operation theatre lights.

It’s not that the hospitals within Australia are not enough in number or have less doctors. The issue behind this long waiting list is the constantly increasing number of people choosing to go for elective surgeries and the hospitals therefore become unable to keep up with the demands of this large amount of people trying to undergo surgeries.  Be it a knee surgeon or an eye surgeon, be it a neuro surgeon or someone who deals with the bone related medical transplants, the wait time in the Australian hospitals is constantly increasing for those who want to undergo surgeries in emergency departments.

The Wait Time Differs for Everyone

Even when the Australian public health system claims equity and world class services for the people all around the country, it is a state of pity that while some complain about waiting for a year before their surgery, there are some who are still patiently waiting since three years and have no clue as to how many more years they need to wait so that they get rid of their pains and live a fully healthy life ahead. This is all dependent upon where you live and which hospital you choose. Moreover, whether you are a patient of bone related issues or want to undergo an eye surgery also has a crucial role in determining how long the waiting list’s length will be before your name is on it and whether you will have to wait for years or months. The situation is crucial specially for ones who have their lives associated with the surgery and have gotten themselves enrolled for and it is a sorry state of affairs that even they cannot get their surgeries done on time.

Is there Any Chance of the State Getting Better Anytime Soon?

Honestly, the waiting times in emergency wards is raising at a great rate rather than declining and, as per reports, those who need to get under the scissors for their eye, throat, and ears related surgeries are waiting the longest. A person even lost her hearing for lifetime because of the constant delay in the surgery but is begging the authorities to get her eye sight related surgery done as soon as possible before she losses it too. Sadly, there has been no improvement in this serious matter and more and more people continue to suffer in terms of health.