5 Unknown Health Benefits from a Home Spa

Home spas can be a lovely thing, especially when you’ve had a stressful day at work and want to relax and freshen up a bit. Spending two-third of your time at work can be exhausting for anyone so when you come back home, you just want to relax. In such cases, you won’t be willing to visit a spa at that hour of the day when you are already tired, correct? So, why not give home spa a thought?

Though, how do you find the idea of having your own outdoor home spa? Perhaps only the thought of it would be providing you some sense of relief and relaxation while reading this. Therefore, if you’re looking for home spas or contemplating the idea of a home spa, you should definitely check out the portable swim spa from Just Spas.

We will be discussing the 5 unknown benefits that you may get from having a home spa.

1. Therapy

Considering that you’ve had a really tiring day, slipping into your bubbling and steamy hot tub would really be a relief. It will help you in relieving the stress of your day to day life and will also gently ease the pain and aches we tend to get from time to time. Furthermore, it has many added health advantages such as enhancing your blood circulation, eliminating muscle pains, promoting detoxification and leading to relaxation which will result in improved sleep.

2. Enhanced Sleep

If you’ve ever gone for a back, neck or body massage, or even took a shower in hot water, you might understand the kind of relaxation it brings. As recommended by health professionals, a half hour session in a portable swim spa or a hot bath can contribute towards improved sleep which is good for your health.

3. Eliminating Stress

If you have a spa at home, you can relax and eliminate your stress. The warm water will make your muscles relax and will enhance your blood circulation which will release endorphins, also relieving muscle tensions from six parts of your body including shoulder, neck, mid-back, lower back, feet and thighs.

4. Improved Healing

A spa would help you improve your blood circulation which will increase the level of oxygen being circulated to your body parts. This has a remarkable effect on your health as it enables you to heal faster since the oxygen circulates at a much faster rate.

5. Pain Relief

For years, medical practitioners and health care specialists have emphasized on the importance of heated water for the purpose of pain relief. Furthermore, it has also been found in a study that a spa can lessen the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Patients can likely reduce their sugar level by up to 13% if they make it a habit to spend 30 minutes every day for 6 days a week.

Therefore, home spas are a great relief, especially for people who go through an exhausting routine.