4 Simple Ways to Fall Asleep as Fast as Possible

When you have had a tough day and all you can do is daydream about your bed is the best feeling ever? However, as soon as you get home and put your head on the pillow, you just cannot sleep – now that’s the worst feeling ever! You toss and turn and fidget all through the night only to find out that the new day has already begun. Doesn’t that seem like a tragic tale?

To prevent all this from happening to you and to ensure a good night’s sleep so you can wake up rejuvenated and fresh make sure to follow these few tips given below as they will help you fall asleep instantly without wasting any precious sleep time. If you believe you need a little extra help and a push in the right direction, then In Essence sleep spray in Australia is the way to go as they really do guarantee the best results and benefit you in many ways.

  1. Lowering temperature

When you sleep, it seems that your body temperature varies from when you are awake. This means that your hands and feet become warmer while the rest of your body does not. When you try to fall asleep, but cannot this could be one of the reasons why. To help you fall asleep, the best option is to lower the temperature of your room so that your body does not heat up too much and keep you awake. An ideal temperature would be between 15 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius.

  • Sleep Schedule

Our body has been hardwired in a manner that we have an internal clock which makes us feel sleepy at night while more wakeful and alerts in the morning. This clock is programmed according to your sleep schedule and when you sleep. If you sleep very late every night, then your biological clock will not let you sleep earlier even in you decide to. For an adult, at least 7-9 hours of sleep are essential. So try and create a schedule for your sleep and that will help you fall asleep better.

  • Avoid Naps During the Day

Many mothers preach this, but it really is true. If you sleep during the day, it may get difficult for you to sleep at night. This is because your body has been told that it is rested and needs to keep going. However, that really isn’t true as your body needs rest and sleep to rejuvenate itself and get ready for the upcoming day which will be beneficial.

  • Clockwatching

People who have insomnia usually have the habit of clockwatching. This means that if they wake up in the middle of the night they will watch the clock and feel anxious about not falling asleep, which will make them even less sleepy. This will then result in it becoming a routine and distracting your inner mechanisms, making you wake up every night just to watch the clock and not fall asleep.