Warehousing Differences Between CHEP and Loscam Pallets

Warehousing is quite essential for most retailers and manufacturers as they require a streamlined system of inventory storage which is both secure and well organised. All across Australia, super stores, manufacturers and retailers make use of hundreds of thousands of warehouses for storage of food, medicines, and other FMCGs. Pallets play a pivotal role in the process of warehousing and make the storage process easier whilst facilitating movement of goods from place to place.

What are Pallets?

Pallets are traditionally wooden warehousing materials primarily used in the supply chain management for storage of goods in warehouses. Pallets ensure easy movement from place to place within the warehouse using a forklift, without causing any damage to the product. Pallets are very crucial to supply chain, and have been in use ever since World War II. They also play a very important role in recycling inorganic products as a lot of wooden and plastic pallets are made from recycled material and is used continuously in a pool without being wasted out.

Across Australia, two major pallets pooling companies in service within the supply chain industry, these include

  1. CHEP
  2. Loscam

CHEP Pallets

Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP) is a global pallet and container pooling company, operational in 45 countries worldwide. CHEP uses the share and reuse model to move goods around the globe in numbers that surpass any other competitor worldwide. 

CHEP pallets are widely used across the world. CHEP has been serving over 500,000 customers in 45 countries. Some of the key benefits of CHEP Pallets is their role in making supply chain management cost-effective with guaranteed quality services. CHEP in true meaning works through an organized chain of rentals and recoveries, which makes recovery of pallets from renters necessary for the chain to go on.  Renovation and servicing of pallets also necessary after being rotated around supply chain systems, which is one of CHEP Pallets industry leading USPs.

Loscam Pallets

Loscam secures the second position in palette supply; it was established in 1942 and has been a great success with hire and de-hire depots throughout Asia and Australia. Loscam pallets has been a supply chain support system since its inception and initially started with providing truck-lifters. Once the pallet rental industry picked up its pace, Loscam began its chain of rental pallets and soon acquired the place of an industry leader, leading the Australian supply chain industry.

Differences between CHEP and LOSCAM pallets


The key difference between CHEP and LOSCAM pallets lies in the material they are made of. Typically, CHEP pallets are made of hardwood and typically use Oakwood as the main material. On the other hand, LOSCAM offers softwood pallets which are usually made from pinewood.


Another major difference between CHEP and LOSCAM pallets is their weight which mainly differs due to the type of wood used in their making. CHEP pallets made from hardwood are usually heavy, whereas LOSCAM pallets are lightweight.


CHEP has mainly stuck to providing wooden pallets made of Oakwood while Loscam offers a variety of plastic pallets as well as crates for fresh produce, collars and bins.