Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes

Doing makeup can be a rather tricky task if you have hooded eyes. No matter how much you invest in fancy makeup products, nothing will work out if you do not find the right makeup technique. Yes, the kind of techniques you use can even make the cheapest of products show great coverage on your face. We truly understand the dilemma that girls with hooded eyes go through while getting ready for the prom or their best friend’s bridal shower. But worry no more! We are there to the rescue with easy tips and tricks to deal with hooded eyes and rock the show with your gorgeous face.

Line the Upper Lid with a Fine-point Eyeliner

For hooded eyes, thin eyeliner does the trick. However, it needs to be made sure that you do not make a wing that is too long as it does not get along hooded eyes so well. Eyeliner pen is the ideal product for hooded eyes due to the control it has to offer and also pen liners are more defined than the other types available.

Contour Your Cheeks

Use a highlighter that matches well with the inner corner of your eye. By doing so, you will be drawing attention to your eye and enhancing the feature flawlessly. Moreover, contour with darker tones in order to bring balance to your cheekbones.

Use White Eyeliner

You should always have a good quality white eye pencil in your makeup vanity. Use it on the bottom of your eye so that your eye appears bigger and brighter. This is certainly one of the best makeup hacks that every girl with hooded eyes can rely on.

Prime Your Eyes

One of the many problems faced by hooded eyed girls is the eye makeup creases a bit too early. It is best to prime your eyes well to combat the issue. It locks the eye makeup well and prevents creasing. This keeps the original vibe of your makeup intact till the end.

Pick Natural Looking Eyelashes

A girl’s obsession with false eyelashes is real and this should not even be argued. However, with hooded eyes, it becomes difficult to choose the right type of eyelashes. In this case, it is best to get eyelashes that are on the shorter side and are not too dramatic. Trim your lashes neatly so that they flawlessly fit your eyes. Once you find the right eyelashes for hooded eyes, your life will never be the same again!

Trust Waterproof Products

Makeup on hooded eyes is prone to smudging, so it is better to have proper arrangements to deal with the issue to avoid crying later. We suggest you get waterproof products especially the mascara. Your lashes come in contact with brow bone frequently when you have hooded eyes. This has all the potential to ruin your mascara, hence, a waterproof is the smartest choice you can make here.