A Guide for Local Producers to Navigate the COVID-19 Outbreak

The spread of covid-19 almost all over the world has created severe disturbance for the local producers that produce and provide necessities like food, flowers, spices, fruits, and other such things. Due to lockdown and other implications because of covid-19, local producers are not able to earn much profit. During such an unpleasant time, producers need to determine the best methods to find and connect with customers. Even when the governments of almost all countries have asked natives to avoid unnecessary visits, people want to eat fresh and healthy food items. Given below are some tricks that will help the local producers during such times:

 Online Sale

During the outbreak of covid-19, online selling is one of the best practices to carry on. As customers during uncertain circumstances avoid going out to shop for products and prefer to stay indoors, online shopping is best. Come up with some user-friendly app or website and make all basic products available to customers. This will not only help the local producer in making money but will also help him as well as the customer to stay safe.  

Care for the Plants

Producers do have the option to alter the schedule of the plantation to some extent. Depending on when and how they harvest, fertilize, and water the plant, the growth of the plant can be modified. During this time, local producers can care more for the plants. They can fertilize them, extract unwanted buds, and can also cut the risk of diseases. Producers should make sure that the fertilizers, herbicides, or any other things they are using are environmentally friendly. Producers should always choose the products that are natural, organic, and pet friendly for the natural weed control for the home.

Try to Use Social Media

Using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to inform customers about the online sale and other good points of your products is a good idea. This will help your business gain popularity among people. Social media will also help local producers connect with consumers and to stay updated about the latest developments in the local foods system.

Make an Efficient Delivery System

Delivering items fresh and fine during this difficult time can be a little challenging. Make sure to pack food items in accordance with health standards. Before touching food items or before packing it, make sure to wash and sanitize your hands. Also, encourage the customers to wash their hands before and after handling the food package.

Reduce the Number of Staff

Limit the number of staff members. Those who are not required on a regular basis should stay at homes. The staff present must not interact much and they need to be at least one meter away from each other. The local producer should also tell the staff to avoid handshakes and hugs.