3 Tips on setting up the work van to fit more tools

The work van should carry any tool that you require for a whole day’s work. If one tool or part cannot fit in the van or you cannot find where you placed it, the result is wasted money for wasted time. By keeping your equipment, materials, and tools clean and organized throughout the day, you can will haul job site essentials conveniently. Whether it is finding a better way to place your equipment and tools in a van or setting up the work van to hold more tools, the following three tips will help yield a more favourable, efficient work day

Aftermarket storage kits

A storage kit will open more opportunities for customising the storage space of the work van to match the required tools. These kits provide a varity of options. Alternatively if you are in the market to buy a new work van, purchasing a pre-fitted van with the shelving or storage units sapce required, will take the hassle and minise the time required for aftermarket installation.However, storage kits are inexpensive and allow further future customization down the track.

Before you buy

View your options online and instore. After finding the right one, make sure you are happy with the tutorials online if you are planning on fitting it yourself, espsicvally to find out how you can utilize them the best. to inform your insurance provider about your customization goals before you try anything. By providing them with the information required, your insurance claim processes will be faster if it crops up later.

Consider the tools and equipment

For a well designed and efficient layout, consider all the tools and equipment required to fit during the customization process. Regardless of the route, you follow – whether to buy a pre-built van or you customize one – the tools and equipment will dictate the storage arrangement. If you are a builder who uses heavy tools or specialist equipment, you will need a few large storage sections that can hold the equipment safely.

Some van owners use “false floor” to store the smaller tools under their bulky and heavy equipment. On the other hand, minor building contractors, electricians, and repair people will require cabinet spaces and drawers to store individual components and smaller tools. This company provides van racking and shelving in Sydney and is considered the best choice of among contractors.

Use the floor and roof space

We can never understate the importance of using hidden spaces. Unfortunately, most people forget about these two storage spaces when customizing their work vans. The van’s interior can appear spacious, but space will become more valuable after you install racking, cabinets and shelving.

Which is, important for people who carry large heavy tools because they occupy the space that the van owner would otherwise use for the cabinets, shelving or racking. The best solution is to go for false floors and roof racking to make more space for your work essentials. The areas are a good backup and suitable for the long delicate tools that require safe and flat storage. Some of the tools are saw blades and the large spirit levels.